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 Forum rules

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Rules and offenses

Minor Offenses

Unrelated (Off-Topic) Posting:
Any posts that are considered unrelated to the original topic may be moved to a new thread, a more closely related thread, or to the universal Off-Topic Thread.
Spam Posting:
Any posts that are considered to be "spam" may be removed or moved to the universal Off-Topic Thread. "Spam" is defined as "intentionally posting repeatedly in rapid succession".
Revealing Custom Quest Information:
Any posts that reveal information about MassRO custom quests will be removed from MassRO forums. Sharing this information publicly is not endorsed by the staff members, although the staff will not act to prevent sharing this information elsewhere. The hints given by the staff team may be posted freely, but anything else will fall under this rule.

Moderate Offenses

Trolling is defined as "posting with the intention of inciting a flame or otherwise instigate a user."
Harassment is defined as "persistently seeking to disturb or disrupt a player's experience on the server." This includes "call out" threads of any sort, as well as using someone's photo without their permission.

Serious Offenses

Flaming is defined as "targeting a specific user or group of users with an offensive comment". This includes personally insulting a user or making a racist comment. Note that this includes flaming in reaction to a previous post: regardless of the cause, any violations will be punished accordingly.

Severe Offenses

Trading Accounts/Items for Real Currency:
Any posts that mention account/item trading in real currency will be removed from MassRO forums. Trading items for real currency is not endorsed by the staff members, although the staff will not act to prevent these dealings outside of the server. Your money is your own responsibility; if you choose to purchase items from other players, note that the staff will not take action if you are scammed or cheated in any way.


Inappropriate Content:
Any extremely inappropriate or offensive material (i.e. pornography) will be removed. In some cases, you may post a link and include that it may not be safe for work, but posting the content itself is not acceptable. Depending on the nature of the content, punishment may range from the post being removed to a permanent ban, at the discretion of a moderator.
General Malicious/Inappropriate behavior:
If the administration feels that a player is demonstrating malicious or inappropriate behavior on the server, then the administration reserves the right to punish the player as they see fit.

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Forum Rulez!!
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Forum rules
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